Quick & Easy Rainbow Cut-Crease Eye Makeup Look for New Years Eve 2017 – Glamrs

Hello beauties! Here’s an eye makeup tutorial to show you how to create an amazing Rainbow Cut-Crease eye makeup look for New Years Eve 2017.

How to apply rainbow eyeshadow? While it is not an everyday look, rainbow eyeshadow is a showstopper for a special party or event. It is fun, girl-like, out-of-this-world all at once, and it is even easy to apply.

2016 was all about neutral everything! Be it clothes, nude lipsticks, nude eyeshadows, nude shoes, nude style, nude interiors, basically EVERYTHING! But it won’t hurt anyone to explore some colour or rather a lot of it!

This rainbow eye makeup is perfect for concerts, parties and for all high glam events that you might have to attend this new year. The best part about this particular makeup, is that there are lots of eye shadow palettes available online, both affordable and fancy that’ll easily help you create this stunner of a look and you don’t need pro skills for it.

What you’ll need:
– White eye pencil
– Colourful eyeshadows
– Black gel liner
– Loose glitter pigment
– Mascara

Now, if you’re confused about the rest of your makeup with so much colour going around on your eyes, we suggest, opt for either a nude lipstick or a deep lipstick in shades of berry and plum. Keep the rest as clean as possible!

We hope that you love this eye makeup. For any queries, write in to us in the comments below.

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