Kim Kardashian Inspired Sleek & Straight Hairstyle – Hairstyles for Women – Glamrs

Here’s a quick & easy hairstyles that can be done on medium to long hair. It’s a sleek and glamorous look that can be worn on any special occasion or an evening out.

Love wearing your hair open but tired of the same look on every occasion? This Kim Kardashian inspired sleek hair tutorial will give you a complete makeover while leaving your hair open. All you need is a hair serum and a couple of bobby pins and you’re set to rock the stage!

Hairstylist Heli Vyas, has recreated the sleek Kardashian look effortlessly and it will take you no more than 5 minutes as well to wear the same hairstyle.

Sleek hairstyles for Women – Edge Sleek Hairdo – How to:
1- Straighten the hair
2- Make a partition
3- Divide your hair into front & back sections
4- Tie a ponytail
5- Apply hair serum to the front sections
6- Pin the front sections below the ponytail
7- Take the crown section & tease it for volume
8- Set with a hairspray
9- Sway to check if the hair falls on the shoulder & pin the excess at the back

We hope that you love the look. For any queries, write in to us in the comments below.

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