6 Ways To Naturally Grow Longer Eyelashes – Glamrs


DIY How To Grow Long Eyelashes FAST! Here are 6 simple ways to naturally grow longer eyelashes.

Every woman wants a set of healthy, long and fuller eyelashes to get the dramatic look. Eyelashes are one of the most striking parts of the eye. To add the extra oomph to your eyes, everyone of us use mascara or fake lashes. By using these products all the time, our eyelashes do need some extra care. Just like we care for our skin and hair, taking care for our lashes regularly will make them fuller and healthier over a period of time.

I follow these home remedies regularly for naturally long lashes:
Olive Oil: It contains a lot of vitamin E and oleic acid which moisturises the lashes which helps them grow
Coconut milk: Cocnut milk is rich in proteins and fat which promotes lash growth and adds volume and shine to them
Petroleum jelly: Moisturises dry and brittle lashes
Nuts: Nuts & seeds are excellent sources of vitamins E & C enabling eyelash growth
Biotin: Biotin tablets rich in Vitamin H encourage eyelash growth, prevents your eyelash from drying & falling out. (Always consult an expert before consuming biotin tablets)

You can alternate these tips every now and then to achieve perfect lashes!

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